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    Mega Millions

    Posted by K on July 10, 2007

    I keep daydreaming of winning the lottery. I’m not greedy, I don’t have to have millions, just enough so that I could quit the day job and spend time enjoying being alive and not dreading the day to day. My husband is working on his first novel. He stays home, chases the kids, writes, and even remembers to cook me lovely meals. I want some of that. The home life, the spending the time with the kids and the gorgeous husband. Work sucks. It takes me away from where I want to be and doesn’t pay me well enough for the things I want. This certainly isn’t my American Dream.

    Along the same lines, why is it that to do the right thing, or the healthy thing or the good thing, you always pay 3 times more? I love organic foods, but can’t afford the price tag. I love the idea of this company, but a tank top for 50 bucks??!? I would love to have solar power and to be green, but the products (like the ones made from bamboo which is plentiful and cheap) are more costly than the polluting alternatives. It makes no sense, it’s not like this in Europe, when I was there, fresh food is cheap and readily available and the processed crap is what costs 3 times more. I don’t think we have the right idea about what’s good in this country anymore. Actually we haven’t for a long time.


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