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    exchange students

    Posted by K on July 12, 2007

    So here we go again with the process of being a host family for a foreign exchange student.  We were going to have one stay with us last year, but once I found out I was pregnant and due around August/September, we decided it would be a bit much having a new baby and a student.  We’ve gotten online and found a lovely girl from China who likes Gone with the Wind.  I never imagined I’d have someone from China who I could take to the Margaret Mitchell house, or to Tara.  Just waiting on word from the school to make sure everything is a go.  Wish us luck!


    4 Responses to “exchange students”

    1. Vivi said

      That is completely awesome! Dang, I’ve never even been to Tara! Maybe you can take me next time I’m home! 😉

    2. kat said

      Sure thing!

    3. Tiffy said

      are you sure you should be hosting when you have such a little baby? I hope you are not planning to use the exchange student as a babysitter like a lot of people do. The foreign parents pay thousands of dollars for their children to participate and the exchange placement agency makes millions – I hope you are doing this for the right reasons

    4. kat said

      We most likely won’t be able to get one until next year because it’s already so close to the school year. I am still friends with the exchange students that went to my school, I went to their meetings and everything back then even, I know what’s involved. My husband stays home with my children, so there is no need for a babysitter! 🙂

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