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    I hate waiting

    Posted by K on July 19, 2007

    Yesterday we had a call from our AYA rep Melissa who said that the school district will not consider any students after their July 1st deadline. Seems like they could have let someone know they had this deadline. The school was all for the hosting, but some damn pencil pusher had to go and be an ass. It doesn’t make sense to me because if it was just a student transferring from another state or something it wouldn’t be an issue. I appreciate that there would be extra paperwork etc because it is an exchange student, but the school was willing to take care of that. In any case, the next option is we can wait till next year or get a student who is willing to/wants to go to a private school. Melissa sent me 4 profiles last night of people who fit that category. The original girl we picked was not one of them but they are going to write to see if it’s something she would consider. If not, there was one other girl who seemed a good fit for us, and one other that could possibly be a good fit. My concern with the private schools is, on their applications, none of these students listed a religion and none of them listed that they go to services. This is the bible belt and the only private school around here that isn’t a Christian school is $18,000 a year, which is way out of most students price range.  Hell it’s way outta mine! 🙂

    Another concern I’ve begun to have is, obviously these kids come from money if their parents can afford to send them abroad like this.  Are they going to be happy in our little middle class home?  We’re not poor, but we certainly aren’t rich.  We have lots of love to give, just no mansion.  I hope they can appreciate that.


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