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    gotta love Ikea

    Posted by K on August 1, 2007

    We still haven’t heard a definite yes or no on the exchange student situation, but we’re preparing for a yes anyway.  It’s a good excuse to go through and make sure our house is guest friendly.  In checking our our guest bedroom (which would be the exchange student’s room) we saw that the bed was leaning.  We haven’t had anyone stay over in a while, so we hadn’t paid attention to it before.  Apparently the frame is broken so we took the bed apart and headed for Ikea!  I love Ikea, I especially love their as-is area.  You can find such good deals there.  We found this bed, for $9.50.  It had never been purchased, the box was just damaged in the warehouse!  The bed is completely perfect and has all the parts.  I love getting a deal like that!  So now we have a nice beautiful bed that won’t fall apart on our exchange student or anyone else who may stay with us.


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