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    she’s here!

    Posted by K on August 22, 2007

    I haven’t had a minute to slow down from the whirlwind of adding a new daughter/exchange student to our family to write everything down. Needless to say, she arrived Sunday evening, we were able to get a gate pass to go to meet her at the gate at the airport (because of new security, you are only allowed to go to the gate if you have a boarding pass). I went to the gate her flight was supposed to be coming in on and noticed that people were boarding. When I asked for her flight status, they told me it had arrived 30 minutes earlier at a different gate. Yet they didn’t bother to change their monitors to that affect. I hurried back to baggage claim where my hubby was looking for her and saw that he hadn’t found her either. We walked around for about 10 minutes holding our little sign till she spotted us! We got her home, tried repeatedly to feed her (she wasn’t hungry) and this morning after two days of interviews and school tours, we dropped her off for her first day of American school. This weekend we’re going to Gatlinburg, TN to try and escape the heat of Georgia.  There is of course much more to say, and I’ll get around to that, just gotta catch up at work first, I’ve been out 2 days, getting everything set up!


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