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    The differences between America and China

    Posted by K on August 31, 2007

     Here’s our student’s first English essay.  Gives good insight into cultural differences.

    Everyone knows that there’re many differences between countries, but not everyone can give some examples of these differences. I used to be like this, but until last week, when I came to America, I found there are many differences between this two countries. Like in the following parts: environment, family and school.
    The first thing you pay attention to when you go to a place you’ve never been is the environment. Different from the high buildings everywhere in China, the buildings here are not that high but pretty, especially the houses people live. It’s really hot here but clean. There’re a lot of traffic in the morning and night. That is the first feeling I thank about Georgia. And another thing I found really different is family.
    My host family is really nice. They treats me just like their daughter. Like my parents do, they usually try their best to make me happy and do everything they think is good for me. But the ways they do or the parts which they think are important is different. For example, my parents want me to study more, that’s good, because in China, you should learn more things, on the other hand, my host family wants me to play more, like enjoy life more, that’s also right. Different environments depend different life styles. Another example, Americans think that a teenager should not just be good at study but other skills, that’s a good way for teenagers to find out what is really suitable for them to learn. They think that teenagers should be independent, the opposite way is what Chinese parents think about. They think that teenagers duty is study, you don’t need to care about other things. The disadvantage of thinking in that way is that when students get high scores in school, they may not know some basic common sense and how to do some simple housework. They’re just like machine for test.
    Just as what I said above, the differences in school are the most serious. In China, in my school, students go to school at 7:30 am and go home at 8:30 pm. Students are under too much pressure, all the thing they care about is study. They don’t care about other things. But as time goes by, Chinese students find that it’s important to make study and having fun a good mixture. In America, the school ends early in the afternoon, so students have more time to do what they want. On the other hand, it will be easier for students to move their attention from study to other things. So I think it will be good if there is a way that combines Chinese study style and American study style. And in China, we’re not allowed to choose courses, we have to study the same courses. This is which I think is unreasonable, Because I think study bases on interests, if  you’re not interested in one thing, how can you study it well. Anyway, I can’t change it, they’re just the differences I found in education.
    Environment, family, school, three parts of differences. Maybe I haven’t adapted to the American way yet, but I believe I can, because we’re in the some world, emotions should be the same anywhere. If I love my family, school and friends here, any difference won’t be a problem, I believe.


    2 Responses to “The differences between America and China”

    1. li said

      I think you are the lucky girl and hope that every day in your life would be happy and wonderful.

    2. ~ said

      Thank you for writing this!
      You really saved me!
      It’s for my homework …
      Hope you don’t mind… :]

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