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    So far, so good

    Posted by K on September 3, 2007

    So far, everything seems to be going well. Ray took was able to change her American History class to Economics. She really didn’t want to have to take History, just because it would be hard since she really had no knowledge of it, and she couldn’t understand most of the things they were talking about, since the teacher is teaching in a way that assumes most of the things he’s talking about the students already know. I’m ok with that. She has a good working knowledge of history here, it’s not like she doesn’t know anything. The students seem nice and there’s even one boy who we tease her now is her boyfriend (he’s not). The first day he helped her in his classes and gave her his phone number and has even carried her books to class for her.

    She’s getting along good with our littlest. She had 2 weeks alone with her before our 4 year old came back from dad’s. Now she is getting to experience the full madness that is our family 🙂 Our 4 year old is adjusting pretty well. At first, I think she was concerned that she wasn’t getting as much attention as she thought she needed, but it’s getting better. She’s sick now, and getting lots of lovings to help get her better. It’s hard trying to balance getting Ray adjusted and supporting her and still giving our girls all the attention little ones want. I think it’s starting to settle down though and becoming a little easier. Our family seems to be handling our new addition well.


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