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    evil meteorologists*

    Posted by K on January 16, 2008

    The local weather guys (and gals) have for almost a week been dangling the possibility of snowfall over my head. I live in the south, normally a pretty sunny warmish place, so snowfall is a rare but LOVED (by me) occasion. If it snows like a quarter of an inch, businesses and schools close and we get to stay home and try to make snowmen. Besides it’s freezing cold outside, and the only reason it should be this cold is for snow. Now the evil meteorologists are saying that the weather situation is still changing so all we will probably get is rain. Rain and cold weather (on top of the ton of mucus in my head) what could be more fun. Mother Nature just needs to spare the North for a while and send some of that pretty white stuff our way.

    *Why are they called meteorologists? Sounds like someone who studies meteors not weather…


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