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    not so photogenic

    Posted by K on February 26, 2008

    Why is it anytime I go in for a passport or driver’s license photo, I come out with the most stupid looking picture?  I can go in cute, smiling and happy, and look miserable and depressed in the photo.  I went and renewed my license today (it expired in October, oops) and it was more of the same.  Cute, happy girl going in, miserable, dark, angry looking girl in photo.  Is the camera equipment at the dmv that suck ass?  Or is there some secret to a great photo that I’m missing.  It’s almost worth the $20 to go get a new one, it’s that bad.  I have to get my name changed on it anyway (haven’t had my new married name put on there yet, yes I am a procrastinator, hush) so maybe I can take a new photo then.  My idea is they should have a mirror by the camera so you can see what you look like as they take the photo, it would make for much more normal looking photos I think…


    One Response to “not so photogenic”

    1. B. said

      I think they do it to show you who’s boss…

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