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    good days

    Posted by K on March 6, 2008

    Lately things have started to turn all rosy around our house. Sure our house is still messy and needs lots of work, but in terms of everyones mood and general well being, it’s going so so good 🙂 It’s been quite some time since I could describe things as happy and non stressful, but it seems to be getting better now and I am so glad. We also found out yesterday that our exchange student has been accepted to the boarding school that we took her on an interview to. It’s close by so we would be able to see her on weekends or holidays if she wants. It’s still not 100% that she will go there, she’s applied to like 5 schools, but she’s excited about it and so are we. It’s obviously our first choice, since all the other schools are up north and not close at all. But in the end, it’s up to her for what she thinks is best for her future. We’ve also decided that we would like to get another exchange student for next year. We’ve even discussed it with our current student and she’s been helping us look at profiles. This year the greatest number of students come from Germany so it looks like we will have a mädchen (I thought it was fräulein?) staying with us. In truth, the closest I’ve come to learning German is dating a German exchange student in high school and listening to him talk with his family on the phone while trying to figure out what they were saying. He always insisted to me that German is quite easy. Obviously I still don’t get it 🙂 Time to break out the English to German dictionary. Anyone know any good online resources for learning some basic German phrases?


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