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    Well hello neglected blog

    Posted by K on March 26, 2008

    The past 3 weeks have been unbearably horrible.  We’ve lost 2 family members to leukemia and my father in law had a major heart attack.  I am tired, worn out and ready for something pleasant to happen.  In hopes of brightening everyone’s spirits we went to the local feed store and looked at the ducklings and chicks.  We’ve bought the necessary items to take care of them and we will be picking them up today.  The chickens are ameracauna and gold sex link (what a horrid name) and the ducks we want are khaki campbell and cayuga.  We are probably getting 8 chicks and 3 or 4 ducklings.  We have been looking into getting some of each since last year, so this is not an impulse Easter buy, we have the brooders set up and realize how to take care of them etc.  My husband is building them a big happy home on our 3 acres.  Oh and totally unrelated, did you know that there is a skype mobile phone??  How awesome is that, we use Skype for our home phone (we ditched the traditional phone company and have Skype in and out service).  The only problem is it’s not available in the U.S.  They totally need to bring that here, I would be first in line to get one!  Not trying to sound like a commercial, but it’s cheap and it works, so I’m all over that.


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