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    chicks have arrived

    Posted by K on March 27, 2008

    We went to the feed store yesterday and picked up 10 baby chicks. They were out of the ducks we wanted, does anyone know where to get khaki campbell ducks and cayuga ducks? The chicks are 5 gold sex link chickens and 5 silver ameraucanas. (well that’s what they said they were at least, we aren’t showing them so we don’t care) They are adorable. They are happily setup in their brooder and making a big mess. My kind hubby is sending me the pictures so I can post them, and he’s putting a webcam on them so you can enjoy their cuteness also! The girls love them and just want to play with them constantly. My hubby is seriously outnumbered by females now!


    1) LIVE chicken cam 🙂 see our babies! (wordpress won’t let me embed it on my page)
    2) I ordered 6 khaki campbells and 4 cayuga ducklings from murray mcmurray hatchery. This is the first time I’ve ordered from them so I hope everything goes well! They should arrive next week. I didn’t like that you had to order a minimum of 10, I didn’t really want that many but it will be fine, we’ll just have eggs coming out of our ears!


    3 Responses to “chicks have arrived”

    1. Charlotte said

      Oh they are so cute!!! I’d love to have chicks at home, but I don’t think my dog would appreciate that too much 😉

      I’ve read some of your blog now, and seen that you are hosting an exchange student. How is it to do that..? Fun? Challenging?
      I’d like to know, since I am going to California as an exchange student in July. Do you have some tips for me for how I can d to sort of fit in more? Or like make it easier for my hostfamily? Cause I don’t want to be some sort of burden to them.. 😉

    2. kat said

      I love having an exchange student. It has been very fun and interesting. I guess the best thing you can do is to really try to participate in the family like you would at home. Don’t shut yourself up in your room, hang out with your new family and participate in all the fun and the not as fun activities. It just makes it more like home, and will make it easier on you. Don’t think about being a burden, the family wouldn’t have wanted to get you if they thought it would be a burden. What exchange students should understand is that this whole experience is just as exciting and fun for the family as it is for the student, not a burden at all! Just be open minded and willing to get used to it here. It will be hard at first because everything is so different, but if you stick it out, it will turn into a great experience for you. Also be willing to share your culture with your family, that is one of the best parts for me 🙂

    3. Charlotte said

      Oh thank you so much 🙂

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