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    another monday

    Posted by K on March 31, 2008

    our chicks are now a week old and although they’ve gotten rounder, they haven’t gotten much taller.  It’s a side effect of being in our house, everyone there is short and cuddly 🙂  still no pictures up to post.  my husband has gotten the woodworking bug and pulled out all of his power tools and is working on our kitchen!!!!!  YEAH!  It’s been a work in progress for a while now.  It’s already looking loads better, he added the new counter top yesterday.  it was a kinda blah weekend, it’s all rainy and cold here.  I just want to be home in bed.  The chicken pics are all on the camera, so I will post them maybe tonight


    5 Responses to “another monday”

    1. Plays In Dirt said

      Kat, Funny… I spent a good portion of the weekend putting in Cabinets…. lol and watching baby chicks… but one died :(. Thanks for your comments! Terra

    2. kat said

      Ok, that’s just too weird, like twilight zone weird 🙂 Sorry about the chick, do you know what happened ?

    3. Plays In Dirt said

      We think he got too cold 😦 The lamp was turned off and the kids kept coming in and out of the house. A group of ten so we were bound to lose one…. still sad though.

    4. kat said

      we have 10 also, but I hope they all make it. Our 10 ducks are supposed to be coming in any day now! Ducks in the mail!

    5. Plays In Dirt said

      haha… seems silly you can order them by post…..

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