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    little ducks

    Posted by K on April 14, 2008

    We’ve lost two of our little black ducks.  The first one died on Wednesday and the other died last night.  We think they had botulism.  After the first one died, all the others seemed ok but then the we noticed that the other was not growing as fast as the rest of the ducks.  She was still so small when the others were growing rapidly.  She started having some of the same symptoms as the first one, so we separated her from the others and started giving her water and stuff with a medicine dropper.  She wasn’t eating or drinking on her own.  She seemed a little better each day, but this morning when I checked on her she was gone.  We’ll bury her out by the other duck in our little pet cemetery (our house belonged to my parents before me, so my parents dog is there and my cat).


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