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    busy time

    Posted by K on April 29, 2008

    I’m loving the sunshine right now.  This weekend we stayed outside the whole weekend building a house for the ducks and chickens.  As cute as they are, they were getting too big and stinky to stay in their pool brooder anymore.  We worked from seven in the morning to well past dark Friday, Saturday and Sunday and got it 95% finished.  All it needs now is the roofing put on (it’s just boards right now) and to be painted.  It’s cute and just a little bit crooked, I kept calling it our Dr Seuss house, and John just said it was not perfect, but close enough.  Being that its the first thing either of us has ever built, I think it turned out great :).  Yesterday when I got home we tackled the front of our house and cleared all the weeds out of the planter that runs the full length of the front of the house.  We also cleared all the pine straw and sticks out of the small patch in front of it.  Then we planted LOTS of flowers.  I’m going for that English cottage wildflower look.  I can’t wait till they are all filled in.  I did take pictures, they just have to make it off the camera for me to post them.


    One Response to “busy time”

    1. Plays In Dirt said

      I just planted the remainder of my birthday flowers… you sound just like me in that you work hard. Last weekend, my husband and I trimmed out my mother in laws house and then I worked in the yard until it was dark yesterday. I loe spring 🙂 Terra

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