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    about that time

    Posted by K on May 6, 2008

    Prom!I can’t believe the time with our exchange student is almost at an end. We confirmed her ticket last night, she will be going home June 6th. It seems like she just got here. She is such an integral part of our family now, I don’t know how we are going to do without her. My consolation is that she will be attending a boarding school 2 hours away next year. So she will still be with us on holidays and any weekend she just needs to get away and that Sunday trip to Walmart isn’t enough. (The school is in the middle of NOWHERE, so once a week they will take a bus to the nearby Walmart to get anything they might need, cause you know, Walmart is everywhere) We will be taking her shopping to buy all the stuff for her dorm room (IKEA!!) when she gets back, and we’ll be taking her to her school to get her setup. I know she is excited to return home to China and see her family, she has missed them so much. She will be leaving a lot of her stuff here so that she doesn’t need to bring it back for school. That leaves extra room in her suitcase to bring me back a panda 😉


    2 Responses to “about that time”

    1. Charlotte said

      Haha, IKEA..! That’s as Swedish as it can get 😉 Our national pride.. 😛

    2. kat said

      AND we’re getting an H&M, it’s a wonderful thing 😀

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