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    I remembered!

    Posted by K on May 22, 2008

    I took Spanish for 3 years, I hear Spanish all day at work (everyone except me is Hispanic), and my husband’s g-grandparents were from Spain and Cuba (though that doesn’t help). With all the Spanish around me you would think I would be fluent by now. Trouble is I am really shy about speaking Spanish, I prefer to write it and listen to it. I’m always afraid of mispronouncing something or saying the wrong thing, so I don’t try. My 4 year old daughter is taking Spanish at school and last night asked me how to say sweet dreams in Spanish. I remembered dreams sueño, but couldn’t think of sweet. My mind kept going to dulce but I thought that’s Italian not Spanish (I kept thinking of dulce de leche ice cream, mmmm). So I told her how to ask her Spanish teacher today how to say it. Cómo se dice sweet dreams en español. It’s probably not correct grammar but it would get the point across. Anyway I consulted the handy babelfish this morning and it told me that sweet dreams is sueños dulces! I was on the right track after all 😀


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