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    Memorial day

    Posted by K on May 22, 2008

    Monday is Memorial Day so we are throwing common sense to the wind and going out of town.  Gas prices are now $3.85 here.  My dilemma is I NEED to get away from the everyday.  I’m about to crack!  Plus this weekend is my family reunion in North Carolina.  So we are going to drive there (and spend loads on gas I’m sure) and camp to make up for the cost of gas.  If we couldn’t camp we probably wouldn’t be going.  Even the cheap hotels are still $200 for the weekend.  Most of my family isn’t going this year for one reason or another, so that was another consideration.  Each year we cleanup and put flowers on the graves of my mother’s family that is buried up there (there is probably 35-40 total graves).  Someone needs to do this, and I won’t let it go undone.  Hopefully it will be the chance to relax that we all need and a chance to spend some quality time with my family.  Also it’s our last trip with Ray before she goes home June 6th.


    One Response to “Memorial day”

    1. Plays In Dirt said

      How was your trip?

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