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    John Cleese won’t carry my bags

    Posted by K on July 9, 2008

    We ordered a refurbed tomtom from overstock and as soon as we opened it, one of the first things we did was add the celebrity voices.  We currently have John Cleese, Eddie Izzard and The Daleks on there 🙂 (yeah you caught me, I love a British accent)  John Cleese is currently our guide, just because he is freaking awesome and funny.  We’ve not tried to get lost with it, but it has navigated us to my work and to the in-laws safely.  Maybe this weekend we will purposely get lost and see if it can help out.


    2 Responses to “John Cleese won’t carry my bags”

    1. Kathy Thompson said

      On our Garmin we haven’t downloaded any other voices, so right now we just have the factory female voice. I call her “Lucy Lost” because there are many roads down here around us that have either been rerouted permanently or had the name changed. She also seems to want us to drive on every MLK Jr Drive in the country, no joke. You’ve inspired me to look into changing it’s voice before we go back to Savannah this weekend.

    2. K said

      We have a little portable garmin too, we use it for geocaching. It’s always served us pretty well too, but this one seems more accurate. It gets a closer pinpoint on where we are.

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