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    we now have children’s hospital in our gps

    Posted by K on July 14, 2008

    Well, we did get to test out the gps this weekend, but not in any way I would have wanted to.  First we used it to find a new quick way to our movie theater to watch Wall-E.  It was a really cute movie and both girls behaved great and watched the whole thing.  I’m always worried about taking them to the movie because they are both so young (5 and almost 2) so we went to a matinee, which usually doesn’t have many people.  Suprisingly there were quite a lot of people there, and also a lot without kids.  Last night at 9 pm our littlest (who will turn 2 next month, she’s growing so fast!) climbed up on the arm of the sofa and proceeded to fall off backwards head first onto the hardwood floor.  We called Children’s Healthcare who advised us to take her immediatly to the emergency room.  I would not even consider taking her to our local hospital so we jumped in the car and called my m.i.l. to get the address for Children’s Healthcare.  We plugged it into the gps and were there 25 minutes later.  It totally paid for itself with that trip. Oh and about our local hospital, even though it’s closer I could GUARENTEE we would have had to wait at least an hour to even be seen.  It is a horrible institution.  They made my little cousin (she’s 2) sit there for over two hours when her blood sugar was over 400.  She has since been diagnosed (at Children’s) with type 3 diabetees.  By the time she was taken by ambulance to Children’s her blood sugar was 790 and she was slipping into a coma.


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