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    My first call to Germany

    Posted by K on July 17, 2008

    I love skype, it lets me call Germany or China or wherever we have exchange students from for cheap!  This morning I had to register Jess for classes.  She’s been on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to find out what classes she wanted to take.  So this morning I called and spoke with her mom and her.  I was worried about calling because I don’t know any German.  Luckily they know English, very well actually.  Why is it that American schools dumb everything down?  I feel so inadequate after looking at the transcripts of my exchange students.  It’s a given that they know at minimum 2 languages, and they take courses in junior high and high school that we don’t even see until college.  I think if the schools here challenged the students to their full potential it would greatly help.  Instead of teaching to the slowest students, seperate those that truly can’t keep up and challenge everyone else.  Anyway, off my soapbox, I did get her signed up for classes and just need to call her to confirm them now.  We’re all excited for her arrival!

    ** Oh, and HI Kristi 😉


    6 Responses to “My first call to Germany”

    1. Plays In Dirt said

      What made you first consider having Exchange students?

    2. K said

      I was friends with them in school and I love cultural differences. I really love to travel overseas, I’ve been twice, but it’s so expensive I haven’t been able to lately. This way I get to really learn about a country and help a great kid fulfill their dream of coming to the US. We were worried last year when we got our first student, but she couldn’t have been better. She was no trouble and taught us so much about China and it’s culture.

    3. Plays In Dirt said

      I feel like I can hardly afford to feed my own sometimes! (No not really, but wow they are starting to eat ALOT!) How do you afford to have extar mouths to feed, extar clothes, extra utilities!!! What a brave woman. 🙂

    4. K said

      That’s all you have to do is feed them and provide a place to sleep and study. They have all their own shopping money, if they want starbucks, they pay for it. If they want new clothes, they pay for it. I really didn’t notice a difference in utilities or food bills with just one extra person. Our student has her own room (we have an extra bedroom we used for guests).

    5. kristi said

      Hey Back! You know I’m an internet stalker. ;o)

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