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    Hey Mom, send gas please!

    Posted by K on September 30, 2008

    There is no gas here in Georgia.  My weekend was spent sitting at a station for 1.5 hours waiting in line for gas so I could come to work this week.  Then to add insult to injury i saw on the national news last night that a reporter was saying it was just confined to the city of Atlanta and if you drove 30 miles out you could find gas!?!?!  Um hello dumb ass, I live outside of Atlanta, and there is no gas.  When a station gets some, it is gone in an hour.  You see, we don’t have access to public transportation, and to make enough money to buy the expensive gas and food, you have to work in the city.  Which means for me a 45 minute commute each morning and afternoon.  In my car.  I would love to take public transportation.  I would love to have the access to trains and buses like they do in Europe.  It’s incredibly convienient and a hell of a lot cheaper than filling up my car every week.  Basically, we need gas here.  If the government wants to keep this from happening again, build more rapid transit and bus lines.  They are a win win for everyone and the enviroment.  And to the rest of the country that doesn’t believe we have a problem just “panic buying” come down here for a couple of days and experience it for yourself.


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