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    Hey Mom, send gas please!

    Posted by K on September 30, 2008

    There is no gas here in Georgia.  My weekend was spent sitting at a station for 1.5 hours waiting in line for gas so I could come to work this week.  Then to add insult to injury i saw on the national news last night that a reporter was saying it was just confined to the city of Atlanta and if you drove 30 miles out you could find gas!?!?!  Um hello dumb ass, I live outside of Atlanta, and there is no gas.  When a station gets some, it is gone in an hour.  You see, we don’t have access to public transportation, and to make enough money to buy the expensive gas and food, you have to work in the city.  Which means for me a 45 minute commute each morning and afternoon.  In my car.  I would love to take public transportation.  I would love to have the access to trains and buses like they do in Europe.  It’s incredibly convienient and a hell of a lot cheaper than filling up my car every week.  Basically, we need gas here.  If the government wants to keep this from happening again, build more rapid transit and bus lines.  They are a win win for everyone and the enviroment.  And to the rest of the country that doesn’t believe we have a problem just “panic buying” come down here for a couple of days and experience it for yourself.


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    evil meteorologists*

    Posted by K on January 16, 2008

    The local weather guys (and gals) have for almost a week been dangling the possibility of snowfall over my head. I live in the south, normally a pretty sunny warmish place, so snowfall is a rare but LOVED (by me) occasion. If it snows like a quarter of an inch, businesses and schools close and we get to stay home and try to make snowmen. Besides it’s freezing cold outside, and the only reason it should be this cold is for snow. Now the evil meteorologists are saying that the weather situation is still changing so all we will probably get is rain. Rain and cold weather (on top of the ton of mucus in my head) what could be more fun. Mother Nature just needs to spare the North for a while and send some of that pretty white stuff our way.

    *Why are they called meteorologists? Sounds like someone who studies meteors not weather…

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    bye bye 99x

    Posted by K on January 15, 2008

    The radio station I’ve listened to since they were Power 99 in the 1990s is now gone. Some fuck heads named Cumulus Media Partners bought out the station a while back and has now fired the best radio personalities around. As of Friday, the station no longer exists as it did. As of Jan 21 it will be gone from the airwaves only to exist online. 99x could always be counted on for great music, and entertaining talk. I can’t believe that Cumulus is getting rid of them and completely retooling the station. Ever since they’ve been in charge they’ve made bad decisions, firing the wrong people, forcing format changes and generally just doing bad for the station. With shitty management, no station can succeed. I hope all the personalities get snapped up quick, because I’ll be anxious to listen to them on their new stations. 99x isn’t 99x without the people who founded it, I guess Cumulus doesn’t understand that.

    *Oh, I’ve also just removed my link to them, no point in listening to them anymore is there?

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    That’s freaking COLD!

    Posted by K on December 17, 2007


    We’re officially freezing our tushies off.  Why did we have to go and complain that it was unseasonably warm for winter?  Last week it was 70, now its 28 😦


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    it’s beginning to look alot like fall

    Posted by K on September 18, 2007

    My favorite season.  It is a beautiful day outside today!

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    In between days

    Posted by K on July 5, 2007

    come back come back
    why can’t you see?
    come back come back
    come back to me

    Just heard on the radio when I popped out for lunch that The Cure will be doing a show September 15 in Atlanta! I saw them the last time they came through, and they were awesome live. Honey, I think you need to go ahead and buy tickets, it’s close enough to my birthday to qualify for an early birthday present.

    The best part is, if you’re a registered user on their site, you get a special pre-sale code to buy the tickets early. You’ll have to fight me for the Atlanta ones!

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    we belong in the zoo

    Posted by K on June 29, 2007

    Yesterday, I made a rash decision. I took a day off work! and the world did not end, it’s amazing. As a matter of fact, we had quite a wonderful day at the zoo with our lovely girls. Even in the sweltering 90+ degree weather, we managed to have fun. The photos can be found here

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