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    changes coming

    Posted by K on March 23, 2009

    I think there may be some big changes coming up.  In the interest of building tension I won’t mention them quite yet 😉  I’ve been away from my little blog for a while now and have some catching up to do.

    In reading the news today, it’s all very depressing.  Too many young (and old) people are dying.  It makes you realize how short life is and how important it is to enjoy every moment.

    We haven’t decided whether or not we’re getting a student this year.  We’re still considering it, but we would very much like one from Spain, and that seems to be hard to find.  Today I was sent an email from our LC about getting a grant student that would be from the YES program.  I really like the sound of that, but need to discuss with hubby.  One of our reasons for hosting exchange students is to let American students meet someone from somewhere else and getting rid of the misconceptions and stereotypes.


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    My first call to Germany

    Posted by K on July 17, 2008

    I love skype, it lets me call Germany or China or wherever we have exchange students from for cheap!  This morning I had to register Jess for classes.  She’s been on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to find out what classes she wanted to take.  So this morning I called and spoke with her mom and her.  I was worried about calling because I don’t know any German.  Luckily they know English, very well actually.  Why is it that American schools dumb everything down?  I feel so inadequate after looking at the transcripts of my exchange students.  It’s a given that they know at minimum 2 languages, and they take courses in junior high and high school that we don’t even see until college.  I think if the schools here challenged the students to their full potential it would greatly help.  Instead of teaching to the slowest students, seperate those that truly can’t keep up and challenge everyone else.  Anyway, off my soapbox, I did get her signed up for classes and just need to call her to confirm them now.  We’re all excited for her arrival!

    ** Oh, and HI Kristi 😉

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